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For the first time in history, Sailing has its own World Cup: the SSL Gold Cup. Like Football or any other major sports, Sailors from every country can now confront their skills with their national team without financial nor technological distinctions to become the World Best Sailing Nation.

From May 19th until July 17th,  30 national teams  sailed in Lake Neuchatel, Grandson (Switzerland) at the SSL Gold Cup Qualifying Series. 45 races  and  5 rounds  later,  16 teams  are through the SSL Gold Cup Final Series and will join the  top 24 seeded teams  in Bahrain (October 29 – November 20).

But without the public, sport is nothing. Football star Eric Cantona rightly put it: “A match behind closed doors is not a football match”. And that applies to Sailing as well. After the QS, the audience proved SSL Gold Cup QS were no races behind closed doors making historical audiences for a first edition.

By the Final Series taking place in Bahrain, our goal is to reach 1,000,000 viewers on our Lives on  YouTubeTwitch  and national channels to make the SSL Gold Cup a global and major event! Thanks for watching and keeping following us!

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